Why I chose to study music


Most times, I ask myself what do people really mean when they ask” Why did you study music? Where will it take you to? Music as other courses is a beautiful course that has the ability to project one..

The word Music is wide and different musicologists, music philosophers, scientists and artesian had made attempt to define it. Nevertheless, I fall in love with this definition of music from Jules Combarieu 1913, define music as art of thinking with sounds while Jean Paul in year 1807 defined music as an invisible dance, as dancing in silent music, but to me I see music as combination of sounds to make meaning.

My perspective of music isn’t just a hobby but a life affair. My source of inspiration is nature which has great effect on my composition. When I was six years old, I was encouraged by my French teacher to join the school choir and African folk choir in my primary school days. My interest for singing kept growing on daily basis which prompted me to also join the children choir in my local church. Back then our choir mistress teaches us new songs which singled me out because of my unique performance among others.  My interest in music helped me to join the teenage choir, and at this stage through my choir mistress I was able to realise my voice range which was alto but personally I discovered that l do sing higher than the alto range. With all this, I have no basic knowledge about music but I enjoy singing.

I was a science


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student back in my secondary school days because my father believes so much in me that l can do well in science by studying computer science while my mum wanted me to study nursing due to my performance in some science subjects but quite challenging. After my secondary school education as a science student, I was yet to decide on what I wanted to study in the higher institution. While processing my admission into the higher institution to study computer science, l joined the senior choir in my church in which my choir mistress discovered my interest for music most especially classical music and hymn songs in which she created time to teach me sight singing and sight reading. She encouraged me to get a music school so as to have broad knowledge about music both theory and practical aspect. I did not have bold heart to confront my parents about my passion for music because I’ve always wanted to please them because l do believe that they are more experience than me.  

After several years of seeking admission into university to study computer science, the passion for music kept growing which l couldn’t hold to myself anymore. Asa, Lagbaja, Fela kuti, Darey, Onyeka Onwenu and other foreign musicians reading their biography and listening to their kind of genre of music wasn’t helping matter because it drew me closer to love music the more.

In the year 2009, taking a bold step of my life, I started my music career at continental school of music which is at oguntolu street, somolu lagos. It was quite challenging for me because l could not afford the tuition fees but I found favour in the presence of my music instructor which he do encourage me to come to school no matter the financial challenges. I find a means of surviving in order to sponsor myself because my parents never believe in it. They try all their possible best to stop me from studying music because their believe was that musician do go wayward and wild, they never had a happy home, always having martial issues, their spiritual life is zero and their believe was that people studying music are so lazy in studies because they think that music is just all about singing and no need for studying it, these was their reasons why l should not studying music.

In the year 2014, l was encouraged by a friend who is a student of UNN studying music to write jamb in other to gain admission into the school to study music. I’m happy today to be an undergraduate student in UNN studying music.

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