Who can fill this vacuum?

 Hello friends, Trust we are having a good day? A lot has been going on in my mind lately. Why is there always a need that must be met? A challenge that would raise its head. Human wants are unending, needs uncountable and life, full of challenges.

Challenges come and challenges go. Only the strong defeat at such trying times. Challenges make us better. Having God on our side keeps us triumphant.

No man can meet all of our needs. No one can fill the vacuum that only God can fill. Most times people don’t even understand us no matter how we try to make them understand.

I’ve been heartbroken several times because I expected so much from the people I love, so much that they couldn’t handle. I’m often tempted to forget that they have limited capacity. ( Lord help me). I got angry at them, told them how uncaring they were, bla bla bla. Other times my intentions were misunderstood by people around because they expected more than I could handle.

God created man, he created us in a way that we will seek him. This is one of God’s plans( that man will seek him) He created this “hole” that cannot be filled by any other but him. Clinging to Him makes life meaningful. Clinging to him fills that vacuum, gives us a sense of wholeness. He fills us up when we allow him to. Cling today, for only HIM can fill that vacuum.
Stay blessed!

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