When should you walk away? Know when you should walk away


Know when to walk away

When handshake turns to fight, don’t hesitate to withdraw. You mustn’t continue┬á­čśĆ. ┬áWalk away from troubles. Let peace reign through you. In all we do, in all we say, in all we plan, there should be some level of maturity that distinguishes us from animals. Funny enough most people do not care. Some people feel they can act anyhow, do anyhow, talk anyhow. After all, we are adults and are entitled to our opinions. It’s ALRIGHT!

Golden rule

People have turned the Golden rule to their favor alone. Instead of “DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU”
They act” DO TO ME WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO TO ME, WHILE I TREAT YOU AS I LIKE ” which is very wrong.

This is rubbish! The law of sowing and reaping goes round, it works for the old, young, small, big, rich, poor…

It is needful to be tolerant, needful to be patient but for how long? Why do you expect tolerance from me when you can’t tolerate me? ( This is one of the things that breaks relationship)

The above brings us to the topic of discussion ” when should you walk away?

Walk away if you are not interested in the person’s progress.

*Friendship is not a do or die affair. You have the hundred percent right to choose you friends. If you are wise and you have two wise friends, automatically you are three wise heads put together but if the reverse is the case.. Awwwww! You can’t give out what you don’t have ( but it’s true). Be fair with your┬átreatment

So if you find yourself in a wrong company, a company that doesn’t add value to your life, please leave the company. This is not to trigger a fight or quarrel. Just be friends from a distance and preserve your brain cells. Walk away when it becomes a war dance, be friends from afar.┬áSee ways to communicate effectively in relationships



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