What do you put in your mouth?

 The picture above can make anyone salivate, outside that, it’s a bowl of healthy meal.

What do you put in your mouth? Do you put everything eatable in your mouth? Do you eat more of junks? Do you just eat foods because of the way they taste? Is it a habit already? Natural foods remain the healthiest foods.


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What do you put in your mouth? What we eat contributes to our health. The food we eat gives our body the fuel it needs to function effectively. Though foods are not all there are to healthy living but it plays a major role. Wrong eating can deteriorate the health. Too much eating can lead to obesity. Poor eating can retard growth especially in children.

The food we take is directly proportional to our health level. The human cells can only perform well if there are enough nutrients for them to work with. How are these nutrients taken into the body? Fro, the foods we eat. These points should make us conscious of what enters our mouth in the name of food.

Consistent taking of processed foods is not a healthy habit. Reasons:
During the procession of these foods, some essential nutrients are lose. Additives, colourings e.t.c are added during the process and they are not healthy to the body.


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Eating same kind of food week to week is not healthy either. Balanced Diet is not as expensive as it sounds. Eat for health sake and not for fun sake.       
A good meal is cheaper than medication. The food we take plays a major role in our health. We can eat away sickness or vice versa.

We must be very careful with what we eat. Where we eat, how we prepare what we eat and all about our eating habits.

Consciously feed more on junks for one week and feed on good meal the next week, compare and contrast. Stay healthy, eat rightly.
Eat more of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables.

Mix your meals. Rice can be eaten with veggies.

 To save cost you can follow them seasonally. E.g if it’s carrot season, maximize the opportunity and eat it very very well. Lol
 Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day.

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