To what extent can you tolerate a friend?


Hello friends, we are in here again. Trust we are basking in good health and with a sound mind.  Tolerance is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to tolerate a particular person over and over. It becomes unbearable most times. There are times we are even tempted to give up on such people.
Tolerance is a fruit that one does not grow in overnight. Yes! It doesn’t come just like that. Most times I ask myself is it that the person being tolerated cannot brace up and be better?

Now, we are back to our topic. ” To what extent can you tolerate..
Mr A chews aimlessly, noisily and uncontrollably. Miss B was in love with him quite alright bit she got discouraged as Mr A refused to drop the ill habit. Can I tolerate this for life Miss B asks herself. OS this What I will live with or should I call it quits?
At the end of the day she called it a quit.
She was hearsh most of us will say but other than put the poor guy in a tight corner. It’s better she set him free.
Two things are bound to happen( He will either drop the habit with time or another will love him just the way it is.


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Yes, life is that easy. Nobody is worth taking your joy. This is one of the numerous instances we can relate to.
To what extent can you tolerate a friend?

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Putting away a friend because of bad habits that can be controlled isn’t a good one. What do you think?

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