Do you want to achieve those set goals faster and better. Here are 7 vital tips.


   Treat your goals with all seriousness
Set goals and achieve something this year.
Make them as simple as achievable.

It is with great joy that we have seen this new year and i believe that we also have so much in our minds that we want to achieve this year 2017.
I am glad that we have all crossed over from last year and we have successfully seen the new year that we have so much anticipated.

This is the time in the year where so many people have all kinds of “new year resolutions” and goals and plans and all kinds of names that they choose to call them.

While settings our goals or plans or resolutions and all we have in mind for the year, it is very important that we are fully prepared to achieve something tangible this year.

here are a few tips to help you make the best out of this year and to maximize the 365 days that it has to offer.

1) WRITE THE VISION AND MAKE IT PLAIN: I believe we have heard this slogan several times and from different people, but this is a very important action that needs to be taken in order  to achieve something this year.
It is very important to write your plans and  goals and things you want to achieve this year 2017, either on a piece of paper or on a Vision board. When you write it down, it becomes very easy to follow and you can always keep tab of your progress. Whatever is written down is not easily forgotten.

2) Paste your plans/ Goals where you can always see it everyday and as many times as possible read them with a constant view/sight of the set plans and goals which is written. It becomes very easy for your subconscious mind to get grip of the plans and goals.

3) Believe in yourself, believe that you can fulfill or accomplish your set goals or plans.
When you doubt your ability you are doubting the possibility of  your goals and plans coming to fruition. This the first step towards failing to fulfill the goals.(Doubts)
In order  to fulfill any of your goals, you need to be certain that it is “doable” and “achievable”
when you have the positive drive, then it becomes easier for the Universe to cooperate with you and make it easier for you to achieve those set goals.

4) Lesser is Better: It is  important not to have a crowded list of plans, when the list becomes too much, it becomes very difficult to achieve the goals.
Many people set too many goals for the year and it becomes difficult for them to focus and give adequate attention to any one of the set goals.

5) Set realistic goals. It is important to set goals that you know you can achieve within a given time.
when you set goals or plans that are unrealistic, it becomes a child’s play and at the end it becomes obvious that none was achieved.
such unrealistic goals can be likened to a student who just got into the university ,setting a goal to become a graduate same year. it is highly unrealistic.
The more realistic the better chances of achieving them.

6) Take action regarding your set goals always. Do not just make plans and set goals when you are not ready to work. You make it happen. For them to be achieved, you need to TAKE ACTION.

7) Support: You need support from a “like Minded” person to help you achieve your plans for the year, when you have someone who is always asking you how far you have come with your plans for the year or someone whom you choose to be answerable to regarding your set goals, it becomes very easy for you to get focused and committed to your set goals.
You want to make those goals realized? get a like minded fellow to be your accountability partner. ( Must be chosen carefully)

These are just a few tips out of many others that when applied, you will end up achieving a lot within this a particular time frame.
No dream is too big to achieve but we must first wake up from our sleep and take action on the dreams.

 Wishing us all a fruitful and prosperous year.
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