Things you should know about nail polish


Nail polish is one of the things ladies use to tush up their effects. Lol. They appear in different colors, sizes and brands. When applied properly they are beautiful and colorful.

I appreciate nail polish on beautiful nails especially when it’s applied moderately. Modesty is bae no matter how we choose to look at it.

Most people wear nail polish for years( I’m exaggerating) they were it to an extent that it peels off like a painted wall that the paints are already washed off by rain.
Below are things you should know about nail polish.


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*Repaint your nails from time to time. Don’t carry one for months.
*Choose colours that fit you perfectly. You can know the colors that will fit you perfectly by applying little portion on your nail to view then clean afterwards.
* Try to get your personal pedicure set and few nail polish that can be handy, in case of days you would like to do them yourself.
*Go polish free some days. Clean up the Polish and allow natural air to touch your nails. This is very necessary.
* Do not use nail dissolver to remove nail polish from your natural nails.

These and lots more are things we mustn’t take for granted while dealing with our nails and while using nail polish.

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