What you call a thing might not define it most times

During the week, I came across this tape and did not believe my eyes. I”ve been wondering what the person that fixed this had in mind,seriously. Lol

A thing bears the name given to it. A dog that is called “Hammer” bears the name but that doesn’t turn the dog to a hammer.

Most times, the things we hear or see aren’t as real as the sound or appear. One might have a different view of the picture above, another a different picture all together but does it change the fact that the supposed “sex tape” is a “cellotape? NO!
 I discovered cellotape can be spelt” Sellotape ” too.

A book isn’t supposed to be judged by its cover. I’ve learnt overtime that jumping into conclusion before knowing the details can be disastrous. Find out details before you conclude. Find out details before you judge.

Who would have believed it was this kind of sex tape that I was talking about?.

People have judged some folks  without giving them benefits of doubt. Most people have been given labels bythose who don’t even know them all because of wrong assessment.

Everything isn’t as it seems.
Most times the sun ushers the rain.
Anyone looking at the sun at that moment might summarize it’s sunny when it’s actually planning to rain.

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