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Agu Ulunma Blessing popularly known as Magic Voice( Stage name) graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka where she studied Music. She is a wonderful singer, she’s got this powerful Soprano that comes with an unusual aura.
           The exemplary: How did it all start?
  Magic voice: I Started from the church choir as an Alto singer. From there, I met a rev.Sr.  (Sr. Perpetual Ike) who nurtured my voice from primary till my secondary education. As at this time i’d never thought of studying music, but I always imagined myself singing in a big stage. I discovered that I just couldn’t stay without singing or humming even in the class room.

I finally decided to make it my profession and a part of me in my senior secondary school (S.S.S 2). I told my voice coach then that I will like to study music, she laughed and replied saying that she had been waiting for so long to hear that.
I got into the University the same year I graduated from secondary school to study music diploma with the encouragement I got from my parents, Sr Perpetual and Rev Fr. Patrick Isichei. After my diploma, I proceeded to get my Bachelors degree in the same course (Music).

The exemplary: Interesting! What are some of the challenges you face as a singer?
Magic voice: All night rehearsals, selection of pieces for events, interpretation of songs. Challenge is common to man.

The exemplary:How far would you like to take this rare talent?
Magic voice: As long as I breathe

The exemplary: Can you share few words of encouragement with us?
Magic voice: Never give up on what you love doing, nothing good comes easy. For one to succeed in life, hard work is required. Hard work doesn’t kill, it only makes us stronger.  If you are an artist just know that, having a role model is very important for upcoming artist; you should always have someone you look up to, someone who has what you need, someone you can learn from, be diligent.

Thexemplary: Thanks for you time.
Magic voice: Thank you

                     Magic voice, live on stage

She’s beautiful      
After performance pics
Cool pose

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