Thank you


                     The magic of thank you.
“Thank you” sounds simple but it’s very powerful.

“Thank you” is pleasant to the ear and beautiful on the lips of them that use it.”Thank you” should be used everyday. Don’t you think so too? I have seen “thank you”melt a hardened heart. “Thank you” can make a spouse go an extra mile for the partner. Saying “thank you”shows appreciation.”

“Thank you” has fetched a lot of people favour. “Thank you” has gladdened the heart of many. A heart of gratitude is golden.” Thank you” perfected the healing of the leper that deemed it wise to appreciate Jesus.

He that is thankful is fruitful, thoughtful and grateful.
It is right to be thankful to God and to men. Count the number of “Thank you(s) and keep being thankful.

Thank you can actually save cost. Add other benefits you know.
                              THANK YOU
                             FOR READING.

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