Soft but not a weakling

Good day most cherished readers.. Yea! The day I published the women’s label, I told us it was going to be exciting right? At it now! Still working on it. 
Surfing the internet, I came across this beautiful picture on pixabay. Fian! Something sparked in me, it triggered this post..A big thank you to whoever uploaded this pic on that site.(Well, pixabay is a free site you can go to and download the pictures you would like to use) back to the discussion..
Looking at the pic eh, I saw a calm, soft, unique amazing personality on the picture above.
A real woman might look soft in appearance but certainly not a weakling. She does not embrace laziness, she isn’t afraid of venturing into something, once it’s a noble thing. Her hands are swift, her voice is full of grace, her heart is full of love. 
She’s ever willing to support her husband, her family celebrates her, every member of her household is a star.
There’s a woman in the Bible that possessed some of these attributes. She is Abigail, she was married to a man termed “Foolish” but her strength covered that of her husband to a great extent. What a wise woman she was. 
The woman puts her hands on the plough and never looks back. I’m that woman. I’m determined, you are that woman. Get started!
What are those little ideas, you’ve thrown into the trash can? Bring them out, dust them and harness them. Great things start like joke, Like joke.
Be encouraged!

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