Rice flour: Skincare uses and benefits

Let’s get started with the process of making rice flour. 
1. Wash rice in cold water. Wash twice.
2. Pour the washed rice into a bowl, add water. Water must cover the rice. Soak for a minimum of an hour. This enables the rice to soften and grinding becomes easier.
3. Sieve rice and pour into a cotton material that can absorb water. Dry rice for about 40 minutes. You can dry roast it( this helps to preserve it. 
4. Pour the rice into a blender. ( at this time, the rice is partly wet and partly dry)
Grind until rice becomes very fine in texture.
5. Pour into a sieve to remove bigger particles.( this can be put to the blender for re-grinding).
Once a fine flour is gotten. Your rice flour is ready.
Rice flour can be used for the following:
1. Rice flour can serve as thickener. For soups, stews.
2. Rice flour can be used to bake cakes
3. It can be used as as a skin exfoliator.
4. Brightens the skin too.
Benefits of rice flour
1. Rice flour has an anti ageing property
2. It absorbs oil and it’s suitable for oily skin
3. It contains an anti inflammatory agent that smoothens and makes the skin fair naturally.
Would you try this out? Feel free to drop your comments.


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