I can’t remember the last time I shouted”Power”(Like Chiemerie).
Not because I’ve disciplined myself or something but because, the light isn’t coming forth.Yes! It isn’t..
When it does it can neither power a bulb or anything ( but I’m still in love with THIS PLACE, Eziokwu m)
I am now well known for carrying extension box up and down.
I went to buy something o. As I was opening my bag to pay for the goods I purchased o
The woman shouted ” Corper again?
You want to fill my shop with! with! With with! She stammered ( That kind of stammer that comes with anger, not a speech problem this time)
Go buy generator na
Chai! She thought I used style again to come and charge my gadgets.. Buh no!
“I charged them elsewhere ma, I’m not charging anything today”.
“Oh! I see! EEE your money is three hundred and sixty naira” She said.
Lesson: it isn’t always right to make a hasty conclusion.
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N/B:” Eziokwu m “in the story is an Igbo word that means ” Truth”

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