Aren’t mums beautiful?


   Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping on my cradle bed
And tears of sweet affection shed
My mother!

When pain and sickness made me cry
Who gazed upon my heavy eyes
And wept for fear that I might die
My mother!
Each time this poem is recited to my hearing, it makes me emotional. Never!This poem cum rhyme fills my body with goose pimples. It reminds me of the sacrifices of mothers. Their affection..


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It reminds me of how sacrificial mums can be. Ever willing to go extra miles to see their families stand. Most mums have sold their cherished property to support their families, most have done and still do minial jobs to support. To mention but a few..
God bless our mums
This rhyme motivated a poem in me.
It triggered a

    My first poem dedicated to mums and will be mums with love..

     Their hearts are beautiful
     They sacrifice a lot for us
     All just for us
     Even when the going seems tough
     And the surface looks tough
     They try to hold on
     You see them pray on
     Bringing us forth wasn’t easy
     Yet they dared, and won
     They made birth appear easy
     Even when they had to through tears
     And had to shed tears
     They fought and cast fears
     And still showed us cares..

Aren’t mums beautiful?
Who is she to you?

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