Meeting a potential spouse. Is it about location? Or..

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Good morning friends. Trust it’s has been smooth so far?

It’s been work!work!!work for me yet fun-filled.

Let’s reason together. Most times when people narrate how they met their spouse, it’s wowing and interesting.

Some met at the mall, some at a wedding, some met in church..
Some people met their spouses where they least expected.

A man told a story how he met his wife. He said” I went to withdraw money that weekend. The queue at the ATM stand was too long. I patiently waited. It got to this lady’s turn and the machine read” unable to dispense cash at the moment. I could read the disapointment on her face. I asked her if she would mind following me to another…
From there friendship began and finally led to marriage.

I’m reasoning something now. ” What if the man didn’t come to that place at that time? Would he have met same lady elsewhere? Would they have been couple today?
Sometimes, I ask myself what if he or she wasn’t present or wasn’t at that location at that moment?
Is it about where one is at a point in time that mattered?

Another met his wife in school. they were classmates as well as friends how the friendship grew to marriage was just like a fairy tell to him. They got married immediately after graduation.

Now I ask what if the guy never schooled in that particular school, do you think he would have met her?


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Please, help a curious

What is your opinion?

Dear Family and Friends,
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We hope that you will enjoy your stay . We want Our Big Day to be as relaxing and fun filled as possible for you. We hope to ensure you have everything necessary to make it a memorable Day. Please enjoy this welcome bag as a token of our appreciation for you and your support.
Ucy and Dr Jerry
it all started way back 2014, July precisely. She went to make use of an ATM at Shoprite Abuja, while i was in Owerri to witness my good friend tie the Knot. Our meeting was a divine arrangement. She was standing in front of my elder brother, fortunately the ATM was unable to pay her cash, which led to my brother giving her a ride to another ATM center. He called my phone and told me he wants to introduce a damsel to me, with a smile on my face, i spoke to her and hearing her nightingale voice was breathtaking. i later met her. I remember our first outing together, so romantic and full of Love.. Today that divine contact has turned to a lifetime connection to my ‘world’  ask myself what if he or she wasn’t at that place or spot a

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