Love at first sight( Love diary 1)

Love is a sweet thing. At the sound of “LOVE” a lot of things stand still. Atimes we generalize all feelings as love even when they are mere crush abi crushes for plural๐Ÿ˜„ whichever, love brings out the best in one. Someone that’s in love cannot just hide it, no matter how the person tries to hide it, it must reflect๐Ÿ˜„. Love and relationship matters have been ringing in my head since February. Why?

Let’s see this story. Erm, It can be termed fiction sha.

We were in the same vehicle going for an entrance examination into one of the well known secondary schools in town. We had our parents all in the vehicle. It seemed as though I’d seen him somewhere but I don’t really think I had seen him anywhere outside from the vehicle. He couldn’t remove his eyes from me. Yea, I was able to know because mine were always going towards his direction.. ๐Ÿ˜„

As we got into the Hall, papers were shared to everyone as soon as we were settled. I didn’t know how the invigilator managed to take him farther than I was, buh I’m glad he did, maybe he wouldn’t have written anything..


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He approached me after the exams and we established friendship and I wished the day should be paused so that we could get to talk more. The memories of the chat kept replaying thus” Hope you wrote well? Hope you wrote well? Hope you wrote well? Hope you wrote well?..


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That same day, my mum asked me to boil yam there was stew already for it. I gladly went to the kitchen to do as instructed. I was so excited with the whole house, myself, the yam, the kitchen even the match box. I sat down on this bend down low kind of stool and began the assignment. At this time, I can’t tell where my mind was. If it’s on what I was doing or the”Hope you wrote well?

As I was peeling the yam I didn’t notice the peels were dropping on leg before finally droping into the tray. When I noticed, I tried wiping my lap with the same hand I’ve not washed ( My head no dey there
That was how the yam did lots of scratch scratch on me …lol


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I quickly ran, washed my hands and applied groundnutoil on the affected area as taught by grandma.

The incidence didn’t make me think less of my new friend abi new love…

I was always longed to see him. I couldn’t differentiate between crush and love so I was..
….To be continued#

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