Little things that matter (I)

“It doesn’t matter”. Most people chorus this statement like an anthem, even when it really matters. Nothing happens by chance. Little cautiousness can save us some unnecessary expenses.
Some weeks ago. I felt ill but I couldn’t lay my hands on the cause. Catarrh and headache mever allowed me to rest. I treated malaria after diagnosis.
After one week, I discovered the cough and catarrh were still present. I had difficulty in speech as a result of the catarrh.
This lingered for a long time. It never crossed my mind that the cause isn’t far fetched.  I became curious. I began a search, an ultimate search. Lol
I rewashed my curtain that I’d washed about a month ago( it’s a light one) dusted my window nets, door nets and the likes. I went as far as washing my mobile mosquito net to avoid stories that touch the heart. That night I felt relieved. That put an end to my plight.
You can’t put an end to dust this period because it’s the season. If you’ve been dusting once a week before now, please dust thrice especially the nets that make room for air.
When the nets and curtains are filled with dust we inhale dust and it is dangerous to the health. No matter the kind of medication taken, it doesn’t stop till the needful is done.
While cleaning, it is advisable to cover the nostrils to guard you from inhaling dust, a nose mask will do.
The fans( ceiling, standing, table, wall) whatever the category should be properly cleaned too. 
These are little things that matter. They must not be neglected. Staying healthy isn’t limited to good food alone. Please share if you like my posts. 
Have a fruitful week.
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