Is love truly beyond mere feelings?


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Good afternoon lovely friends 😘.It’s a beautiful Saturday. Did my chores earlier, went for a retreat, went to market, rested now I’m blogging. Lol

How has your day been?

It’s the season of love we say and I ask isn’t love supposed to be an everyday thing?

Love is a sweet thing. It doeth good than medicine. Being in love brings out the best in a person. It keeps one aglow.

During my secondary school days, one of the boys in the class said “Love is a feeling that you feel that you’ve never felt before”
Aww! It got stuck in my head”lol He defined it according to his knowledge level.

Now, the question is: Is love supposed to be hinged on feelings? Let’s get started with some facts about feelings and love.


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Feelings are momentarily. They come and go. The days they go doesn’t mean love has gone on transfer. Knowledge should  sustain such days. Do you agree?

Feelings can be developed towards one you don’t love. This is where discipline should play a major role. People get attracted to others but does that mean the attraction is love?

Can one love someone he or she has no feelings for?

What are your opinions?

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