Health benefits of zobo


Zobo is made from Roselle leaves. It is a popular drink in Nigeria, Africa. It’s always red in color in other words zobo has no other color other than red. The health benefits of zobo are too numerous to be mentioned. Below are some of the health benefits of zobo

It is used to normalize blood pressure. This is effective on both hypersensitive (high blood pressure) and hypotensive (low blood pressure)

It has a reasonable amount of vitamin C and citric acid

It serves as a blood booster. It improves appetite, nourishes the skin

Zobo drink can be made without sweetner( sugar, flavour or honey) as this type can be drunk by diabetes patients. It helps to control blood sugar level

When zobo drink is made with garlic and ginger without sweetner it can help fight infection.

Zobo drink is a mouth watering, refreshing drink, that lots of  benefits. It burns down fats, strengthens the blood vessels, prevents resporatory diseases, it revives the nerves when weekend.


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