Happy new year. It’s OUR year.

Happy new year! Happy new year!! Happy new year!!. It’s our year of greater heights. It’s our year of higher realms. I wish you the best.

I wish you all a prosperous new year.
This is our year of upliftment, year of favour, year of greater heights.

Be positive. God is making all things new.
The exemplary promises to provide us with tips, posts and nuggets that can add more value to our existing knowledge.

Being positive in speech and in thought is very important. What we say and ponder on plays a major role in our lives. No wonder the Bible says” As a man thinketh in his heart so is He… We cannot be different from our thoughts, we cannot be different from what we give our ears. We must guard our hearts with all diligence.

What your mind can think, you can achieve. Live above your foundation. Take the bull by the horn. Quit procrastination. Drop every habit that has never made your life better.
How do you quit procrastination?
procrastination to start with is delaying or postponing things. It can be seen as the avoidance of performing a task. Procrastination has destroyed so many things in the lives of those who allowed it take charge. Procrastination gives a thousand and one reasons why you must not ”DO IT KNOW”
Please go back and check the previous line, the sentence in all caps is ALL YOU NEED TO DO.
Doing what you are passionate about is one of the energy boosters I know. If you are in the shoes of procrastinating each time you set a task. Re-analyse the task, check if it’s what you enjoy doing. If it isn’t, consciously plot a way of making it fun. For instance, If you are supposed to tidy up the dishes and it isn’t one of the chores you love doing. Think of what you love doing and add it o the existing task. Maybe listening to music while fixing the chores.
Don’t over-heap your to- do list. This is one of the major reasons why we procrastinate. When the workload is way too much the possibility of getting confused on where to start is there. From there the tendency of shifting the task to another time sets in
Avoid distractions. Stay focused on the task ahead. Whatever that is pricing your attention at that time, if it isn’t urgent and worth your time please neglect it and focus on the needful.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. One of the major cause of procrastination is fear of making mistakes and that is capable of keeping one bound. Do it, even if you make mistakes.
Give yourself time. Time yourself and try as much as you can to keep to it. This calls for discipline.
You wanna quit procrastination?
Just start doing!

                            It’s OUR year
                            Anticipate the best.
                               We love you.

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