Happy birthday from me to you

This is dedicated to birthday celebrants.

Birthdays are meant to be marked not neccesarily for the fun of it but to check how far we’ve actually come in life.
it reminds me of how things have turned out overtime’. It’s always a new year for me, it comes with a consciousness of ” YOU HAVE ADDED ONE YEAR TO YOUR AGE”.Not a year younger nut a year older. Lol
I resolve to be better, I do a thorough analysis of areas I need to cocentrate on more on.

Should birthdays be celebrated?
It’s a yes from me. Reason: It recalls a new beginning, a time to appreciate our maker for the gift of life.
To you the celebrant I present to you this song.. lol
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

We wish you more years
We wish you more years
We wish you more years
We wish you more years.

I wish you the best.
Stay blessed.
Much love from me to you.

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