Ekpang nkwukwo


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Akwa ibom ayaya!
Akwa ibom: The land of promise, Akwa ibom has 31 local governments.
 Their major dialects are: Annang and Ibibio Their major delicacies are: Edikang Ikong, Ekpang nkwukwo, Afang, and so on. 
We will be looking at the preparation method of one of their favourite meals (Ekpang nkwukwo)
A delicious meal that is good for the old, young and nursing mums.
What takes time in the preparation of this delicacy is grating of the water yam and cocoyam outside that, it’s very easy and affordable to prepare.

Ingredients :

Water yam- 1 big tuber
Cocoyam- 5 big sizes
Smoked fish(ibat)- 3 medium sizes
Crayfish (ground)- 4 tablespoons
Seasoning – 2 cubes


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Salt – to taste
Fresh pepper- 3 big sizes
Palm oil- 2 cooking spoons
Onion – 1 medium size
Soft Cocoyam leaves or pumpkin
Scent leaves(ntong)

Preparation Method:
Peel, wash and grate the cocoyam and set at a place.

Peel, wash and grate the water yam into the grated cocoyam. Mix them properly until they blend and keep at a place.
Add salt to the paste(optional)
Wash the soft cocoyam/pumpkin leaves and cut them in pieces and keep at a place.
Cut the cocoyam or pumpkin leaves into smaller bits fit to wrap your paste later.

Blend the crayfish and pepper together and set aside.
Wash the periwinkle properly ( shelled or unshelled can serve)

Grease the pot with palm oil
Pour the periwinkle if shelled
Scoop a little quantity of the paste into the torn cocoyam leaves or the pumpkin leaves you cut, repeat the procedure till the paste is exhausted. All in the pot at this time and set to cook on medium heat.
Add hot water to the mixture in the pot ( Don’t stir)
Add pepper, onions and crayfish.

Add fish and the 2 cubes of seasonings

Cook for 20-30 minutes depending on the heat

Add scent leaves,add enough palmoil( 2-3 big spoons)
Add salt to taste.
Cook for 4-5minutes
          Food is ready.

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It’s that easy.

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