An interview with Amby on The exemplary woman series

1. Thexemplary: We welcome Mrs Amby Amuta on our “Thexemplary woman series” please tell us about Mrs Amby
Mrs Amby: My name is Amblessed Uzoamaka Amuta.
 Some call me Amby while some call me Amaka for short.If u see me anytime,call me any,I will holla back πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I’m married with 3 cuties,currently running my law school programme in preparation to be a barrister by His grace
 I love fashion, love to play dress up, singing,photography,dancing,aesthetics in a whole. 
It’s just hard to have a favourite colour when u love aesthetics…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
2. Thexemplary: Woah! You have three kids and still cute, what’s the secret please?
Mrs Amby: First of all,I have always loved to be trimmed and look good,But when I started putting to bed,everything fell apart πŸ˜€ but I had to hold it together.Only me can.It’s my body and I have got will power,not so?
3. Thexemplary: Please share with us on keeping fit. How do you do it? How do you cope? With the kids,school and other things?


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Mrs Amby: Well, I do it because I’m determined to do it

Marriage is not a license to being dirty and unattractive so I can’t use it as an excuse.
,I decided not to follow the norm which is put to bed n relax with d excuse that its because i put to bed that made me blow up,etc I want to live long,healthy,active for myself,and my loved ones.
I want to standout to encourage other young mothers and mothers to be that they can always snap back even after having thier babies. Yes!
I want to be a role model to my kids
I want to be able to rock any clothes I want confidently
So because of these πŸ‘†πŸ‘† and more,I decided to incorporate healthy choice/option into my daily living.
I wrote down my body goals and how to achieve that
I began by making researches.
surrounded myself with people on the same journey so as to inspire me.
I consciously started making healthy choices/options as regards what I eat and drink, I incorporated excercise to it too.
I never let anyone bodyshame me.
And I always had my eyes on the price (which is my dream body)
Oh well,it’s not an excuse at all.First of all,you have to look good for yourselves and for your spouse. If you will agree with me,this has caused issues in some homes.
Some ladies have this notion that when they get married and put to bed that their life comes to a halt. (Wetin dey again )
You will hear things like “who am i looking good for na?(jamb question)
I have kids to take care of and so many things to tidy etc( Reason ni?)
If you need more hands,Get a nanny if you need to. For me,I didn’t have any and it still didn’t stop me from snapping and getting my sexy back.
They no longer chase their dream or look attractive for their spouse.No! Your husband wants to still see the same girl he chased years back, beautiful,lively and bubbly.
Infact,your life is actually supposed to start when you get married. That’s my idea.
I advice that ladies should be more youthful,girly and cute in their appearance and do this with confidence.Make heads turn and necks twist.
Make your hubby want to go and top up your brideprice πŸ˜€. Thank me
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In a world that wants to always spell out how u should live your life,Be You.
Do You and be authentically and unapologetically you,while in your journey to being a better n a refined you,stay confident and do not allow anyone talk you down.NOBODY should! NOBODY
I’m consciously building a space where I will be sharing practical tips on looking smart, cute and girly. 
 For tips on how to loose weight and look smart and cute.
Please follow me on Instagram on @amby_beau 
 Facebook @Umahi Amby A Amuta
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