Amazing facts about water melon

Watermelon is a common everyday fruit which is consumed by millions of people all over the world on a daily basis.

This tasty and very juicy fruit appeals to people of all ages but only a handful of its consumers actually knows what watermelon does or its health benefit to their body.

Do you know water melon contains calcium, vitamins A,C,B-12 and D. It is equally one of the world’s healthiest foods. It helps to prevents asthma, takes care of erectile dysfunction, it supports muscles and nerves, it is good for the bone health as it contains calcium, takes care of scurvy.

Below are more points.

Here are a few of the health benefits you derive from consuming some juicy Watermelon fruit.

1) It Re-hydrates the body: This is one basic function of watermelon juice, due to its high content of water, it easily re-hydrates one who has been dehydrated (someone who is very thirsty and lacks water in the body)
 It does not just stop at filling up your water level, it also adds some very vital and important nutrients and vitamins along with the water it replenishes.

2) It helps the Heart to stay healthy: We all will agree that the human “engine” is the heart, that is where blood is being pumped and distributed to all parts of the body and it becomes very important that me keep the heart healthy always.
Watermelon is one of the well recognized fruits that will help to keep your heart healthy.
It lowers the risk of having a heart disease and also lowers blood pressure.

3) It helps to keep the skin healthy: With the vitamin contents of watermelon, regular intake of watermelon helps keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

4) It helps the kidney function well: Regular daily intake of water melon helps the kidney to function well. It aids urinal health and also does not become a burden or become dangerous to the kidney, unlike alcohol and caffeine.

5) It builds your immunity: Watermelon aids with immune system boosting. Consuming the right quantity of watermelon daily,
will help keep your immune system intact and ensures that your cells and DNA are all healthy.


One can not over emphasize the importance of watermelon fruit. It should be added to the list of our daily fruits intake in order to stay healthy and also  get some very important vitamins into our body system.
So go get some juicy watermelon and stay healthy.

Note: Seek an expert’s advice.

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