My teacher is a clown

What has happened to children of nowadays?
They know more than their ages now. They barely act or talk like children. They ask questions above them. Sometimes, I wonder what the cause(s) could be.
It was in an English class that fateful day. The primary one teacher wrote the subject( English) date and topic on the board. The topic read” Animals and their sounds. She asked them to mention different animals they know. All hands were up. Lion, goat! Cow! Snake.
“Clap for yourselves” the teacher said.
The teacher wrote ” The cow moos
                                    The goat bleats
                                     The dog barks..
(For easily assimilation) The teacher began demonstration oh!.. Omo! She barked like a dog, bleated like a goat E.t.c. One child laughed out hysterically and said” Ma’ am, you are acting like a clown. Are you a clown?( The pupils began laughing) The teacher was confused but understood that foolishness lies in the bossom of children and with smiles she said” Yes, if I need to be a clown to make you become somebody in future, I will because I don’t want you to make

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