7 tips on staying positive,happy and healthy

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Life is like a stage. We rehearse, act and leave the stage. Staying happy is a choice, we must choose rightly for the rehearsal isnt a permanent one.The things that cause us heartaches most times don’t deserve the time and attention we give them.

During the week someone got me angry, I was so angry that people around me wondered why I was cold. A scripture flashed through my memory and I recalled ” anger lies in the Bossom of a fool” Awww! I cheered up immediately for I didn’t want that portion of the scripture to find fulfillment over me

Below are some tips that will be helpful when consciously followed. I pray they meet needs.

1.  Be happy whether you feel it or not. Ability to control our feelings is very big plus to us as humans. Challenges come to weigh us down, that stare at our faces to watch us bemoan but staying up happy makes the challenges lighter. I’m not just saying. I’m writing from experience.

2. Don’t dwell on things that cause you pain. Don’t dwell your thoughts on things that open up wounds, don’t fix your gaze on negative thoughts. Guard your heart diligently and consciously. Forget the things that are behind, things you cannot fix why break head over them?

3. Learn to empty the mind of negativity just the way the recycle bin does to trash. Do away with them. Yes! You can. Occupying the mind with negativity can never make anything better, it will rather worsen it.

4. Fill in the emptied mind  with positivity as the mind cannot remain empty for long. Nature abhors vacuum lest the unhappy thoughts, negativity and all ills creep in.

5. Stay filled with positive and healthy thoughts so that when the old fears, worries and negativity show up, they will read a notice your positive mind had created ” NO VACANCY “

6. Words have power. Speak forth positive words, decree, keep muttering until it takes root in your mind. Create a mental picture of positive things.  A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Be positive in speech.

7. Don’t go to bed with an ear full of trouble. Go to bed with a mind full of peace. Free your heart, keep it void of bitterness. Don’t forget, prayer is a necessity.

8. Always wear a smile. Smiles keep you healthy and attractive

 Have a fruitful week ahead. Lots of love from “The exemplary” to you.
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