2016 in review

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Hurray! It’s been a wonderful year. Today is the  last day of the year and it’s a Saturday for that matter.. Lol

   So refreshing to know that the new year is beginning on the first day of the week.
Awesome date: first number, first day of the week, first month of the
  I’m excited, what about you?

Yea, I would like us to talk in here. ( Permit me to start) I accomplished a lot this year. All to the glory of God. Just one thing that I couldn’t accomplish and that is getting married.. Lol

2016 was a fruitful year for me. It was full of blessings and surprises. God saw Mt through in all I did. I had my convocation went for my Youth Service. All to the glory of God.
Yea! Still in the same year, I launched a blog and by the special grace of God, it’s getting better by the day admist the challenges that come with blogging. This will be a story on another post.

Ermm. It’s beautiful to me that I dared things I couldn’t dare before, launched into the deep with courage and of course faced challenges but they made me stronger. I met more people, made more friends, came in contact with destiny helpers. 2016 brought me fortune. I anticipate better things this 2017.

Can you share your own experience?
Let’s learn together..
A lesson, testimony, words of encouragement..
Who’s shooting next?

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  • Ok.. hmmmm where do I start from , a lot happened in 2016 first I was bold enough to quit my job because it was putting money in my pocket but draining my soul .. I wasn't happy, despite the constant early salary of 120,000. Leaving my Job was a leap of Faith that paid off .. jumped into supply with some friends and after six months I made my first 7 figure ever , there was good and bad times .. I tried sharing my life with someone special which didn't turn out well so i stepped back to bachelorhood ,I went back to the music studio after a long break, dropped IJE UWA, with MEKOYA on the beat, i Promoted my music which was truly capital intensive, thank God it payed off, as I got some promising calls from agents and labels. I gave more than I have ever done,( giving means a lot to me) like I alway say, that my secret to health and divin connection, my people, giving is a powerful tool that never fails .. just give out to the needy don't expect anything in return. I travelled more than i have done in the last five years put together, no accidents, no Lateness, (missed my flight onec though) no lost of money, no sickness, not a victim of 419. Lord Jesus if I die today . I am so greatful for all that you have done for me.

  • Woah! Guchi, this is inspiring. Indeed 2016 was beautiful not minding the challenges that were faced. I thought by now I would be in my husband's house sipping wine this festive period. Lol
    Funny but true. I've learnt to give thanks to God irrespective of the immediate circumstances.
    2017, will be better.
    Thanks Guchi for sharing. I wish you a prosperous new year.

  • The year has been a great one. lots of challenges though and lots of lessons learnt as well.
    One major thing i also wished and prayed to accomplish was to get married but even if i did not get that completely, i am closer on that journey and will be there this new year by God's grace.
    I made good friends and also discovered some gifts as well.
    Overall i am grateful to God for the year.

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