DIY: How to make home made toilet wash


DIY: How to make home made toilet wash

The toilet is meant to be one of the neatest rooms in the home. Its neatness brings comfort. It should be thoroughly cared for. Today we will be looking at detailed steps on how to make home made toilet wash.


One cup of lemon juice
20 drops of  essential oil
Two cups of baking soda
One cup of borax powder
One cup of white vinegar


Pour the baking soda into a clean bowl, add the sodium borate and stir properly. Pour in the white vinegar, lemon juice into the mixture then add the essential oil and keep stirring until everything dissolves and you get a desired result.

Pour the solution into a bottle for your toilet waah us ready for use. Pour the solution into the toilet, leave for about 15 minutes and brush the toilet with the toilet brush,flush afterwards. The difference will be clear. See how to make liquid soap

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