Detailed steps on how to make gel air freshener


Detailed steps on how to make gel air freshener:

Let’s learn something new and exciting. Gel air freshener is our focus today. There are different odour control substances that are available in the market, shops, stalls, malls and so on. They have unique scents, colours, shapes and they come in different forms of matters.

They are used to cover odour and create pleasant scent at the same time. A whole lots of compound have been used in the production of various odour control. There are five classes of mechanisms as regards odour control. They are:

  • Oxidation
  • Air sanitizer
  • Surfactants
  • Masking
  • Adsorption

You can make gel air freshener in the comforts of your home. It is very easy to make.


Things that are needed for making gel.


1 cup water

25 grams of unflavored gelatin

1 Tbsp. salt

20 drops essential oils

heat-safe containers

Food coloring (optional)


Heat ¾ cup of water over medium-high heat.

Add the salt and stir until dissolved.

Add the gelatin and stir continuously until dissolved.

Put down from heat and add remaining ¼ cup of water.

Pour into containers and add essential oils, food coloring,( if you would like to add)

Allow to cool, and then cover with a lid.

Your gel air freshener is ready for use.



You need to know these:

While making your air freshener avoid adding anything that is corrosive. The air we breathe in must not be stuffed with toxic substances for health sake.

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