10 other things you can do with baby wipes


We all know the basic use of baby wipes. Seriously, it is beyond that basic use of cleaning up babies.

I’m going to share with you a few unconventional uses of baby wipes that you may not really know about.

Baby wipes can be used for lots of other things that we do not know about.  By the time you discover a these other uses of baby wipes, i bet you will get more stock of the product in your home.

10 Uses of baby wipes.

1)It can be used to wipe off makeup – Baby wipes can be used to wipe off make up , for the ladies who wears make up, don’t leave make-up on your face till the end of the day. Wipe off you face to unclog the pores. Baby wipes is highly recommended except for ladies with oily face. It is very important that you have a pack of baby wipes in your hand bag.

2) Baby wipes can be used to clean stained or dirty surfaces – Baby wipes are used to clean dirty surfaces like glass tables, shoes, chairs,keyboard and other kinds of surfaces at home that needs to be cleaned.

3) You can use baby wipes to wipe off bird poo(dung)of your car. We can’t control the way birds poo while flying. Keeping wipes in your vehicle is advisable.

4) You can equally use ut to wipe off Inks that spilled on your skin

5) It can clean dirts off leather home furniture. It gives it a shiny feel afterwards.

6) Used to wipe away excess nail polish – for the ladies who polishes or paint their nails, you need to have a pack of baby wipes handy in order to wipe off any excess paint applied to your nails especially when cotton wool isn’t available.

7) Used to clean the walls of refrigerator any stain that you notice on  the body or handle, quickly use a baby wipe to get rid of the stain.

8) Used to remove excess grease from frying pan – you can actually use baby wipes to degrease your frying pans in the kitchen

9) Removes makeup stains on clothes – This is a trick mainly used by cloth dealers or boutiques, they use baby wipes to get rid of  very mild stains on clothes.

10) You can use them to wipe down public spots before use. – when you are out there and need to use the convenience, you can use baby wipes to clean the toilet surface or its handle and doors.

There are lots of other uses that baby wipes can be put to . These are just a few out of the numerous uses of baby wipes.

Get some pack of baby wipes at home or in your car because it can come in handy at anytime.
Hope you will always keep baby wipes handy?


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