See this thing about having an extra stream of income


See this thing about having an extra stream of income

Life becomes easier with proper planning. Those who fail to plan, meet their failure unplanned. No matter the kind of job, business or whatever one is into,adding a side hustle won’t be a bad idea.

I discovered that some wealthy people have multiple streams of income. Why didn’t they fold their arms since they are already wealthy? The answer is simple, you use wealth to sustain wealth. YES!

If Mr C has ten million to himself and decides to put the money in the bank. All he does is to go to bank, withdraw, spend and not invest, at the end of two years he will not be able to account for at least half of the money. This is one of the reason why one must be careful with the level of spending and increase the level of investing and that brings us back to Having an extra stream of income.

Let’s look at possible ways of adding an extra stream of  income to an existing business, job or studying.

Depending on the category one falls into. One must consider the conditions surrounding the present place you are; time, the nature of the place (who is there?
What need can I meet there? How much do I need to start? How much do I have at hand.

Services: There are lots of services that one can render at one time or the other E.g
Braiding of hair
Laundry and lots more.

Small scale business: Think of a business, that will sell in your location. You can take it to the Internet. Showcase what you have. Offer value and you will be sought after.

Remember addition isn’t same as subtraction. Adding a little to your recent earnings is not a bad idea. It can be very tasking but it is worth it. You don’t need much capital to get started. The most important thing needed is willingness to start. When you start you will see how to push it further.

You can!

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