Detailed ways on how to achieve a glowing and healthy skin


Detailed steps on how to achieve a glowing and healthy skin.

The evidence of a healthy skin is the glow that reflects from the skin. It cannot be hidden. It is true that most people have a glowing skin naturally but glowing skin can also be achieved by observing a very good healthy routine.

  1. Love yourself: A healthy glow emanates from a healthy soul, a happy soul. Beauty comes from within, the better you feel, the better your look. Being happy glows your skin. Try to stay happy.
  2. Turmeric: This wonder spice is not just useful in the kitchen. It is also used for beauty purposes . Turmeric is rich in antioxidants. A very trusted source when it comes to skin care, antioxidants can help keep free radicals from destroying healthy cells. This can prevent scars, and other long-term skin concerns. Ways to use turmeric. a. For acne and antibacterial issues, mix turmeric with warm water and honey. Apply on face, leave for 10mins and wash off. Allow the face to dry on its own. b.For hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, mix turmeric with yogurt and lemon juice for extra smoothing and brightening effects. c. For irritation, mix turmeric with aloe vera gel for natural soothing effects.
  3. Lemon: Lemon is good for the general health.Lemon juice has deep cleansing qualities due to its acidic level. Ingredients with a high pH level like lemons can help decrease inflammation and oil that may contribute to the formation of acne.

Furthermore, citric acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), can help break down dead skin cells that lead to noninflammatory forms of acne like blackheads.

4. Water: Water is life. It is a proven fact that “70% of the human body is made up of water. Water helps to detox the system, it regenerates dead cells, revitalizes dehydrated parts of the body system and gives the skin a lovely glow.

5. Fruits: Fruits like banana, orange, watermelon,papaya, carrots, apples and lots more. These fruits nourish the body and same time revitalizes the skin. See how to detox the blood.

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