How tight is your PANT? You need to answer


How tight is your PANT? You need to answer this question. Pants are called “panties,undies or knickers” in American English as the case may be. They can be fitting or loose. Most of them come with elastic waist bands if not all, of which some of the elastic are tight while some are not. Everyone needs pants from one time to another, if not for anything just to cover self down there.

“Trousers” are called “Pants ” too. In recent times, pants have different types and designs. People go for the ones they are comfortable with.

Types of pants currently available include:

Thong, hipster, bikini, cheapness, brief, boys horticulture, tang brief, highest, control brief, seamless, cotton lace and lots more.

How tight is your P*NT?

You really need to check it out right away? You know why? I will tell you.

. Research has proven that tight under garments can affect elements of health during circulation. As part of our health routines, we must pay attention to how our underwear fits as we do to the way it looks.

. It can affect the sperm counts in men. Tight underwear is not healthy for men. It is very dangerous to men who hope to father children. It can increase the temperature around the scrotum and can stop sperm production. The viability of the sperm is influenced by a whole lot of factors including body heat stability . In other words, tight pa*ts can hinder conception. How? When sperm production ceases, the eggs from the woman can not fertilize itself. We are not saying we shouldn’t wear pants. No. Wearing tight ones especially doing it regularly is not advisable. I understand the case of athletes and people in similar professions but they do not stay at work from morning till night, after using the tight pants ease off the down parts. They need air. Fresh air at that!

I made this research and thought it wise to share.

Please let’s stay healthy and safe. Heath is wealth. Are there other side effects of very tight undergarments? We would like to hear from you.

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