Welcome To A New Year. Our year of OPEN HEAVENS


Welcome to A New year. It’s a New Year. A year full of hope and promises. The previous year is gone and can never be retrieved, if there were things we planned to achieve that we couldn’t achieve, all of those are in the past and the present is here before us.

This is a new beginning and it is needless to cry over spilt milk. It is a time to analyze and set more obtainable goals to move the year. The best time to plan is from beginning that is why architects draw plans before the proper building starts. Planning is as important as water. He who does not plan doesn’t have a vision. The person is likened to a man that is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. He is unstable in all his ways. So in this new year, PLAN TO PLAN.

Having planned to planned,

Write down your goals on paper. No do not say you have them at heart. Write them plan just as instructed in Habakkuk so that he who reads will run with it. The essence for writing is so that you will not forget it. A short pencil is better than a long memory. Remember? Keep journals.

Form a habit and that should be the habit of writing. Pen down things, write down ideas, insights, things you plan to do and how you plan to achieve them, this will help you a great deal.

Do not cluster your journals with unachievable goals be specific, be real. Take then a step at a time. It shouldn’t be approached with an attitude of having two fists in one mouth. If not it will be tiring. Split the goals to daily, weekly and monthly bits.

Be determined to get better at what you do. It doesn’t happen by mere laying on of hands. If hands are laid on you. Fine! Don’t leave the place of working. Put in your best, develop yourself. Keep growing. Acquire skills, ask questions. Make friends with people with like passions. Pray as though your life depends on prayer, give love more than you expect it. This year will surely be our year of OPEN HEAVENS. Welcome to a new year


January 2020

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