Article on family with beautiful pictures of the Obamas.


Article on family with beautiful pictures of the Obamas

Article on family with beautiful pictures of the Obamas. Family is everything. It is different families that make up the society, there is no society with the families.

Family make up the society

What make up the society? It is families that make up the schools, they fill the malls, they are represented every where.

Everything can be overrated or underrated but the family must not be neglected. Tears roll down my cheeks each time I see families that are at war. So many thoughts fly across my head at the sight of such homes. I ask myself how the children cope.

People are products of what they were fed with. A family that is full if love will certainly produce loving children and trust me those children will have enough love to offer.

People give what they are given

A child that grew up in a bitter family will grow up to be bitter except there is a different orientation that he or she gets that will change things.

Therefore, it is needful that parents do what they are supposed to do to save the society from a whole lot of problems. Show some love to your spouse, kids and people around you, children learn  by imitation. You won’t believe it, they wash us, they observe what we do.
I saw a funny on the internet this week. A picture of a toddler bre*stfeeding her doll. She actually pulled down her shirt as was doing it rightly, the doll’s head well placed on her palms. As funny as the picture appeared, it sent a signal to me. Kids and observe us, they may not talk but they see and record everything.

The family as a strong agent

Strong agent: The family is the strongest agent of change. What you want to see in the society, start offering that in the home. Moreover, It is very wrong to give instructions as parents and falter same instruction. It is not enough to just provide for the family.

It is also important we spend quality time with the kids, show love to them, correct them in love and know what they are going through, assist them, besides that we are parents because of them.

Most importantly, Parenting is not an easy task but it is workable. Shout out to all the parents putting in their best to make the family an exemplary one. KEEP BEING EXCEPTIONAL.

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