You must avoid doing any of these before your babies


You must not do any of these before your babies.

We are currently living in jet age as we all know. An age where kids have become smarter and more intelligent than previous generations.

At this age, it becomes very easy for kids to learn all kinds of things and actions both good and bad at same speed.

Just as you know that kids copy virtually everything they see adults do, it is very important that one watches what he or she does before the kids both at home and outside your own home.

Just as kids learn how to speak by listening to sounds , they also learn how to live by watching our actions on a daily basis .

We all know that it is wrong to swear in front of kids right? well it is not just swearing alone that is not right to be done before kids.

Take a look at other actions or activities that you should never try before your kids.


1) Never Fight or argue with your partner before the kids. Kids have magnetic brains at the early stage of their lives and they do not need you to do much before they copy exactly what you do. You should never for any reason, fight or quarrel in front of your kids, it gives them the tendency to learn violence.

2) Never Make fun of your kids or tease them in front of others( talking them down before others) this goes a long way to affect their self esteem and they way you handle your kids in public will also tell on how strong their self esteem may be.

3) Don’t tell lies before your kids: Just as we know that kids watch our every move, do not be deceived to think they did not know when you lied to others, they will only copy your actions and learn how to lie as well.

4) Going violent with others: Kids can easily learn to be violent by observing their violent parents and this gives them the wrong mental buildup and they grow to think that violence may be a good way of life.

I have also seen kids hit their mom so severely that I began wondering how the mom feels with such violent lifestyle at such tender age.

Learn not to lose your temper  before your kids and never go violent while they are watching.

5)  Don’t break the rules you set at home: when you tell your kids not to do a particular thing which is wrong, it is also very important that they should not see you breaking your own rules and doing the “forbidden” that they have been trying to keep away from.

6) Don’t Mock others in front of them: when your child sees you mocking at others,that alongside other factors will make them become bullies. they should not see you mocking at others, least they also do same, thinking it is right.

7) Never you feel less of yourself in front of your kids. When you have issues with your self esteem , it is very important that you never feel low or hate your self in front of your kids as they will quickly model such kind of life.

8) Don’t get “s**y” in front of your kids. This will teach them adult activities at a much too tender age.  When kids see you making out right before them, they easily copy you and they most likely will start practicing “dad and mom’s play” with their fellow kids of the opposite sex, this will get them exposed to danger pretty early.

In as much as i am not trying to tell you how to live your life and all that, but you need to realize that your actions builds up your child’s lifestyle as well and as such you need to realize the amount of responsibility laid on you , you have to live right before your kids so they can also live right.

There are lots of actions or habits that are not to be practiced before kids that we have not  listed in this article. The list goes on and on, but the bottom line still remains that you realize you are the first and  most important teacher they will ever have, and as such, you need to do a good job at that.

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