Interviews: Meet an amazing photographer; Emmanuel


Interviews: Meet an amazing photographer; Emmanuel


Thexemplary: Please tell us about yourself

Entrepreneur:  My name is Emmanuel Nwadigo I’m from Ehime mbano LGA IMO state, I’m a professional photographer based in owerri

Thexemplary: Can you please give us a brief on how you started?

Entrepreneur: I started photography with no idea that I will be a professional, I start with a borrowed camera, I borrow, or rather I hire camera for work, until I started disturbing one of my uncle who bought my first professional camera

Thexemplary: What or where  will you attribute your motivation to?

Entrepreneur: People always say that hunger motivates but that’s not my case, what motivated is the need not only to do something with my life but to offer something that people need.
Because I started photography after I lost my work In the bank and after I was fed up hawking bread.

Thexemplary: What are the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Entrepreneur: Challenges faced so far includes lack of people to work with me, there are jobs that demand man power, again lack of full gear, sometimes I needed certain equipments but I can’t get my head on it.

Further more, challenges includes transport, sometimes I don’t meet up in time for a job

Thexemplary: Where do you see this business in the nearest future

Entrepreneur: The world is sliding into images, everything we do is image… so the business has a future, for those who develop their skills and run with the trend.

Thexemplary:  Do you train people, are you open for trainings, internship?

Entrepreneur: Yes I do, for those who are available

Thexemplary: Words of encouragements to fellow youths to keep them moving.

Entrepreneur: Whatever ever your hand findeth to do, do it with all your heart .

Keep doing your best one day it will pay…

Don’t loose focus, be determined and don’t be discouraged no matter the challenge.

Also learn principles.. Sharpen your skills, find out what problem you can solve.


When you go after what people have, you will chase them but you may not get it, but when you have what they want even if you are in a desert they will come looking for you.

Thexemplary: Any other thing? Is there something more you would like to share?

Entrepreneur: Well I want to say this, we must rediscover the core value of living.. Integrity, honesty truthfulness and moral standard.

You need to meet Eden

Meet the amazing photographer who uses his camera in an amazing way.

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