How to bond with your new born baby


How to bond  with your new born baby

Parent-child bond is a phenomenon that has been in existence for ages. It’s irreplaceable.
It starts when you see the first sonogram picture of your child at times. Other times, it happens when you hold your baby for the very first time.

There are however, a few instances where it takes a while to have this special bond with your infant, and this is not much of a problem. In fact, statistics have it that at least 20% of new parents don’t form this bond immediately.
Nevertheless, this bond can be created in different ways.We’ll get to know these ways as we continue with this article. Let’s examine some of these ways.

1. The power of touch

Skin contact is the best way to develop a bond with your baby. You are advised to take your baby in your arms whenever you can or hold your baby’s hands when you play with him/her. Keeping them close to your chest by hugging regularly. The warmth from such skin-skin contact helps create a bond.

2. Get to know your baby

How can you get to know your baby? The only way to do this is to give your baby as much attention as you can. Make sure you always always keep an eye on them pay close attention to their facial expressions. Spend as much time as you can with him/her. This way, you will know your child’s every move and pick up cues to when he/she is hungry, sleepy or uncomfortable.

3. Words

There is something all parents must do to bond with their baby and that is Talk! Sound has an extremely strong effect. Babies can even develop a bond with their parents before they are given birth to just by hearing the voices of their parents. So, talk to your baby, even if what you’re saying does not make sense. Read them a book even if they won’t understand the language, your voice is enough to comfort them.

4. Sing to your baby

Sing some nursery rhymes or even your favourite song if you wish. Babies love it when you sing for them… even if you are the worst of singers.
So entertain your babies with your voice no matter how bad it is.

5. Build a special routine

Create a special, unique way of comforting them. It could be patting him/her rhythmically on the back or rocking their cradle in a certain way. They will recognize this routine and know it’s you. Make up words for eating or sleeping, as your baby will start recognizing these words and understand what you’re saying.

6. Body massage

Babies love massages and this is a great way to develop a bond with them. Studies has shown that massaging your baby goes a long way in bonding with them and reduces premature stress.

7. Keep them close

Close proximity of a parent makes the baby feel secure. Ensure you stay close to them and keep their cradle next to your bed. If he/she is playing on a mat, make sure you’re there next to her.

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Should these tips not help and you still don’t have that emotional attachment with your baby, contact your gynecologist and tell him/her how you feel. They will be able to check if it’s a psychological problem or a medical issue and will direct you to the help you need.

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