5 Helpful tips to starting up that business


     5 helpful tips to starting up that business

Starting a thing isn’t as easy as it sounds but the best thing isn’t to quit rather starting is.
Below are helpful tips for a good start.

1)  Start Small, start with what you have and start from where you are.
There is never a better time to start that dream business or company than to start now. There is no such thing as “the right Time” to start a new business or company.

2)  Write down the vision and make it plain.
It is very important for you to write down your vision and purpose of starting the business.
When it is written, then you can not easily derail from the set purpose and vision of the business.

3) Be ready for challenges.
Every business must face challenges and there must always be periods of trials.
Running a business is not an easy task. Dealing with customers,maintaining clients,entertaining calls from clients, managing staff or workers and general
operation of the business, is not a very easy work, so you have to be mentally prepared for the challenges and be ready to face them.

4)  Learn to keep records.
Record keeping is also a very vital part of any business or company, with records, you can monitor growth and with records you get to find out any area or department of the business or company that is not functioning optimally.
One can not over emphasize the importance of keeping records.
It makes it easier for the running of the business,you can easily check and find information about the status of any part of your business, be it
stock  records, (for those into products ) and for clients’ records (for those into services).

5) Make good use of all the resources available to you.
It is sometimes difficult to have all that is needed to run a business available right from the start but what an entrepreneur with
limited resources has to do is;to make sure that every resources available at the moment is properly used.
You can not afford to have your resources wasting when they are not even enough.
Never waste scarce resources and never allow your scarce resources under-utilized.
Nothing is too small.


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