Why you shouldn’t wear rings


Why you shouldn’t wear rings

“Oh! How I love simple rings. I love rings with stones eh. The bling bling tickles my heart”.

Julian loves rings alot. She can starve herself to save up money to buy a beautiful ring. She went shopping at the mall where she saw a beautiful fashion ring that has these bling bling things that trips me too. She got it for herself. Yea! She saw it, loved it and she bought. After all, she had the money to buy it.

Full of excitement, she wore the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand ( that’s counting the thumb as one) and it fitted at that position perfectly as it was neither tight nor loose. The ring was gam!

She wore the ring to anywhere she went. She was excited about the ring.( It fitted her kwanu)
Michael saw Julian in a restaurant, he admired her hair, he wished he could approach her but be couldn’t. As a gentle man he is, he barely talks to married women. ( Michael muttered to himself ” Awww! She’s married, such a pretty lady)
After eating he left for his office.

Julian continued flaunting her bling bling ring yet she keeps praying for a husband. Did she even know she had chased a potential husband away out of ignorance? NO! She didn’t know.

That’s how most people push away their answers to prayers without knowing. You see the issue of wearing rings on the middle finger eh( whether it’s fashion ring o, costume rings o, religious rings whatever ring it is)I feel it’s not a good idea.

If you are single, don’t confuse people
Don’t make them mistaken you for a mother of five.

The love for ring can put one in a tight corner when wrongly worn.

Julian went to church for prayers and she was asked a question. Your guess is as right as mine, whose ring are you wearing? You have a band that tags you married yet you want another one. There and then, her eyes were opened to see her ignorance.

To her, it was just for fashion, to others , it was a symbol of marital commitment. One can be the cause of his/ her problem without knowing.
Be guarded!

Why you shouldn’t wear rings

Don’t wear rings for the wrong motives.

1. Don’t wear rings because you want to impress people, you want them to see you as engaged or married when you are not.

2. Don’t wear rings wrongly. The different fingers of our hands represent different status. Don’t use them wrongly.

3. Don’t assume people know it’s fashion ring and then wear a ring as it pleases you.

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