How to be a better cook


How to be a better cook

You can get better at cooking. Every skill deserves to be done with some level of expertise,cooking isn’t excluded. No matter the present level there’s more that can be added. Believe me! Practice leads to some level of perfection. Cooking just like other arts or acts can be learnt, having learnt put it into action for effective results. 
Steps to get started with:

1. Add something new to your existing knowledge: There are good recipes on the web, cookery books that you can read and add to the cooking basics you already have. There are always new things to learn, a new meal,a new way to cook what you have always cooked and lots more.

2. Ask questions: There are amazing cooks you can make enquiries from. I do that a lot. If you have a friend who cooks well, you can ask to know what makes the food taste different

3. Know your time: Yes, timing is one of the secrets to being a better cook. Having all the ingredients handy without having a good knowledge of how and when to add the ingredients, put the food down from fire can be a mess. Knowing when to add what makes the food taste better.

4. Learn once and for all. If you learnt how to make porridge yam today. Let today be the day you will assimilate same things learnt. It helps a lot.

5. Try out new things. Look for other possible ways to cook what you already know how to cook in a different way. That’s how new recipes are created. Cooking is creativity. It might just be the garnishing that distinguishes yours from others.

Remember! Packing a million and one seasoning into your meal doesn’t make it taste superb. Moderation in everything is powerful.

You become good at a thing by doing IT!

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