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Don’t screw it

 It’s been a long while. I had a lot to attend to. It’s a long talk, let me not me not bug you with the gist. I have been occupied with a WHOLE lot of things. Trust we’ve been good. Well, this is another post on relationship. Sit tight and enjoy your reading. Kisses😘

I came across a picture message that read” My EX is a …….
It triggered this post immediately. Most people would give a negative reponse which can be either true or false..

Don’t screw it. Why?
Getting it screwed when it’s supposed not to be screwed is a wasted effort and stress to the screw and the screwer.. Lol
Don’t screw it!

Breaking your head over irrelevant things will NEVER yield any results. Life is too precious to be used for experiment. Live your life to the fullest. Be the best you can be, be good and don’t kill yourself over things you can’t fix. DON’T SCREW IT!

Relationships that cannot add value to our lives are not worth wasting time in. Most relationships drain people of the substance they carry. Know when to let go, know when screw it buh if it isn’t worth screwing please, DON’T SCREW IT!

Relationships are meant to make us better and not the opposite. This isn’t selfishness. I add, you add. If it isn’t adding value, let go. This implies if you ain’t adding too. You should be.. Lol but it’s true! DON’T SCREW IT!

I had a friend that never sees anything good in anything I say. To him, he is the only good one. Communication was a big challenge. Each time I tried to talk things over. I would always get the response ” I don’t want to talk about this!

( You can feel my plight) When I try to enquire why act things are the way they are, I get another blow” It depends on how you look at it”.Hmmm. Shebi, it’s supposed to be a relationship?lol

It got to a point I got tired and had to tune off completely. Yes!
I had to stop disturbing this my friend o. Seriously! We can’t be acting as if all is well when it isn’t. We became better friends from distance. It saved us a lot of stress.To what extent can you tolerate a friend?

I think people should not go into relationships when they are not ready for it. When people enter unready they jump out in a hurry looking for flimsy excuses to justify their actions. “Her parents were too strict” She is materialistic” and all those excuses keep poping from the wells of unreadiness. Though their are times people are truly faced with the challenges I mentioned earlier but those that resound excuses more are the unserious ones. Yes, it’s true.


Okay, let’s look at this short story together. A certain guy bought a steel necklace for his girlfriend and told her it was gold and she shouldn’t be careless with it. She was so excited about the gift. She wasn’t excited because she was given a gold necklace she was excited because she was given a gift by her paddy. Ok! She carefully wore her supposed gold necklace to everywhere she went that her friends asked her if that was the only necklace she had. Boastfully, she said ”My paddy gave me the necklace and besides it’s gold, I don’t to be careless with it’ lest I misplace it.
The mockery and laughter she got that day was not a small one. She was confused at first till they proved heir points to her.  YOU KNOW? The truth cannot be hidden for long.
She was not moved to confront her paddy about what she experienced in the hands of her friends. (All for love sake)..

Ehe! When the relationship was over, the guy went all over the town to blow the trumpet of how he went as far as getting a gold neckpiece for his Ex and how materialistic she was that led to the break up… Hian! DO PEOPLE EVER SAY A POSITIVE THING ABOUT THEIR EX?

Williams was in a relationship with Ann, his neighbour in school. One of the days, He came and told her that her they might need to go for a break( that kind of break not summer holiday) Why? Ann asked, My mentor suggested I go for someone in her final year or preferably a graduate. At that time, Williams and Ann were in final year and second year respectively. Ann had to let go. Months later news had it that Ann’s parent caused the break up. What’s the gain? I believe those Williams narrated the story to will term Ann a weakling and her parents as wicked. ..

I’m getting emotional right now. I will continue the story subsequent time. Just be at alert. The truth remains, whatever the case every relationship must not end in marriage. Any relationship that saps you of your REAL SELF is toxic. DON’T SCREW IT

I feel really bad when people try to put their lives to a hold because of a heart break. YEA! It’s not easy you say but ” You don’t need to kill yourself” I say. A thousand and one fellas are out their beckoning on who is willing to get serious with them in a serious way with all seriousness. Bemoaning has helped no man. Our hearts are neither test tubes nor specimen for practicals that’s why they must not be given out for  While one builds his or life around the needful, get busy, stay happy. One can be available yet not desperate. true or false?
Please, drop your comments, I would like to hear from you.

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