Of New Year Resolutions and Love at First Sight


Of New Year Resolutions and Love at First Sight

It’s a new year fellas! It’s time for that good old tradition of having new year resolutions. Great! I’m happy for you and wish you success as you commence your ‘smooth’ journey towards actualizing them.

What did I hear you say? You will stop taking alcohol excessively, you will start saving 50% of your monthly income, you wlll not drive on speeds above 100kmph, you’ll cut down on the amount of time you spend on social media, eat healthy and start keeping a diary or personal journal. Bravo! These are all great.

However, we can liken this new year enthusiasm to meeting a very attractive person for the first time and instantly ‘falling in love’ with him/her. He/She appears to be so perfect. You daydream and have rosy expections. You propose and get married but along the line, you get to discover the pifalls of this individual. At this point, you have no other choice but to overlook or bear with his/her shortcomings.

I know of individuals who hit the bar only three days after they’ve vowed not to take alcohol, some who eat ‘junk’ food that are high in cholesterol few months after their first day of January pledge… and the list continues. Then, since they fail to keep to their resolutions, they get even more indulged in the these acts.

Now, am I implying that it is completely useless to make new year resolutions? No! I am only saying that the way we go about it is wrong.
The early days of the year should be a time to set realistic goals and follow a step by step approach to actualize them. It’s not a time to have high expectations and hopes without adequate planning.

The dude that wants to develop a saving habit can start from 10 or 20 percent and diligently increase as the months go by until he meets his expected goal.

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We keep hearing the overused saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s take a cue from it and work towards daily growth till we are able to achieve all our hopes and aspirations for the year.


Happy New Year Folks!

Guest post:  Chibueze Onyendi


Photo credit: Pixabay

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