Ways to attract new clients to your coaching business


Ways to attract new clients to your coaching business.

There are so many ways to attract new clients to your coaching business

Having established a coaching business, the next important step to take is to attract new clients. Consultants and coaches often struggle to get clients, even when they are great at helping their clients obtain the best results quickly.
Perhaps you chose to be a life coach because you really want to help other people. Establishing a coaching business probably allows you to have a meaningful and rewarding career that helps you and others grow.
But the problem is that it is not always easy for holistic practitioners, small business owners, coaches and other service-based independent experts to obtain new customers and keep current customers.
If you want to thrive in your business, you must know how to attract clients and implement the right strategies and techniques to achieve your business goals. Learning the basics of exciting and attractive prospects enables you to have a powerful tool that only a few coaches acquire.
Though it may sometimes seem as though there are not many potential clients out there, there are actually a lot of prospects searching for the right coach to help them. If you are not attracting clients to your business, chances are you’re looking in the wrong place or you weren’t laying out what attracts those who are already looking.
Here are some killer ways to drive new customers to your coaching business and become more profitable.

1. Set Up a Business Website
If you want to attract customers and achieve success in your business, setting up a coaching business website is a no-brainer. Get a professional website that contains all the information about your business and services.
Remember that millions of individuals and businesses are using the internet to get the information they need and to market their brands and businesses. If you want to stand above the crowd, you must be where people are … and at this point, they are online.
Your website does not have to be flashy. Just be sure it contains all the essential information about you, your practice, your programs, your products and your services.

2. Maximize Local Search Engine Optimization
Eighty-four percent of tablet users and 88 percent of smartphone owners conduct local searches regularly. Therefore, if you want to be in front of these people, you must maximize the power of local SEO.
There are several local directories to which you can submit your profile, including Yahoo Local, Google Places and Bing Local. Provide all the information recommended, such as your address, contact number and links.
Make sure your profile contains links to your site. You must also ensure that when people see your profile, they will recognize you as a professional.

3. Use the Power of Video
Your video does not have to be fancy to land new clients for your business. Just a short video showing your prospects how they can benefit from your coaching services will surely resonate with others. You may also want to build your own YouTube channel to expand your customer reach.
The fact is, 62 percent of Google searches involves video, and video search results have a 41 percent rate of click through. When people see your results and click through your online video, you have a better shot at conversion.
Your videos can be optimized with keywords and can establish you as an expert in the industry.

4. Make Use of the Power of Social Media
If you want to get the word out about your coaching business and services, social media is an extremely useful tool to consider.
With the new parameters and search tools introduced just recently, Facebook now lets users search for trending businesses, terms and people. Therefore, search engine optimization will become a crucial factor for those who want to have their Facebook pages seen by more people.

You can advertise specials, promote your products and services or share success stories to draw people towards your business. If users like what they see, they are more likely to share your information or offerings with others. Make sure your profile has a link back to your site so others can visit it when they need more information about you and your business.
Social media sites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can directly influence your existing and future prospects. You can also keep them updated with the new services you provide. By spreading your message and getting on these websites, more potential customers may come across your business and services than otherwise would have

With the right technique, attracting new prospects to your coaching business does not have to be difficult. Use these tips to drive more traffic to your business.
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