Do you have any form of phobia?


Do you have any form of phobia?

Do you have any for of phobia? I never knew I would overcome certain fears in this life(I’m telling you) How some of them fell off eh I can’t tell but the ones I remember, I will share with you.

Fear is a torment. Fear kills faster than the things we are even afraid oAs a child I was noctiphobic( afraid of nights) I couldn’t move from a particular place to another alone at nights without shivering in fear. I had the mindset that something would eat me( childish reasoning) The day this thing stopped I can’t recall. I knew I overgrew it. This is one of the proofs that phobia can drop with time. One can overgrow it. Yes

The second observation: I consciously faced the fears face to face. I was acrophobic too. I consciously began climbing heights. The first attempt wasn’t easy at all. I almost felt like I’d already fallen with broken ankle buh nay i didnt fall. I was encouraged to do more . Yea! with time I discovered it got better and that’s how the fear started dropping.( Acrophobia is the fear of heights)

Would you try facing yours?

There are so many kinds of fears in this world and different people with different kinds of fears. These fears are known as “phobia”
Let’s take a look at a few phobias that people have

1) Bibliophobia- This is a fear of books. there are lots of people who have that fear of opening books to read or study anything written therein.

2)Batophobia- This is fear of heights. lots of people in fact more than 90% of the world population fears hight , so this is a general phobia.

3)Agoraphobia-  this is a fear of crowds, i think a few individuals has that unique fear of large gathering of people.

4)Dermatophobia- this is a fear of skin diseases

5)Diabetophobia- This is a fear of diabetes.

6)Didaskaleinophobia- This is a fear of going to school.

7)Dentophobia -This is a fear of dentists

8)Diposophobia- This is a fear of throwing things away,which leads to hoarding.

9)Dipsophobia- This is fear of drinking.

10)Necrophobia- this is fear of death or dead things.

11)Noctiphobia: Fear of night.

12)Nosocomephobia: This is fear of hospitals.

13) Nosophobia: Fear of becoming Ill or falling sick.

14)Obesophobia: Fear of gaining weight.

15)Pharmacophobia: Fear of taking medicines

16)Phasmophobia: Fear of Ghosts.

17)Philophobia: This is a fear of falling in love or being in love.

18) Plotophobia: Fear of Wealth.

19)Pogonophobia: This is a fear of beards.

20)Scelerophobia: Fear of bad men and burglars.

21)Scotophobia: Fear of darkness or being in dark places.

22) Sexophobia: Fear of the opposite sex.

23)Snakephobia: This is fear of snakes

24)Pagophobia: Fear of ice or frost

25)Parthenophobia: This is a fear of Virgins or of young girls.

26)Parturiphobia: This is a fear of childbirth.

27)Pedophobia: Fear of children.

28)Peniaphobia: Fear of poverty or of being poor

29) Tocophobia: This is a fear of pregnancy or childbirth

30)Xenophobia: This is a fear of strangers or foreigners.

I feel we can overcome phobia by trying out these things that instill agitation and anxiety.. Are you afraid of heights? Try climbing heights, afraid of anything, try changing your mindset tell yourself it won’t destroy you and mean it…

What do you think?

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