Differences between Love Vs Lust


Differences between love vs lust

“Lust” and “Love” both have “L” as their first letter. Let’s look at this important topic together. Love Vs lust. We all know that the opposite of love is lust. You know sometimes I wonder why they both have four letters  please permit me to substitute it for “fake love”.If there were no original, there would be no fake.

So many times we keep hearing these very important words ” I Love You” from different kinds of people in our lives.(almost everyday )o..
A lot of people have misplaced the true meaning of Love for something else.(That you might be tempted to look at the word”LOVE” again) often times we hear these words from the strangest places and persons that we least expected.

That word “I love you” has been so abused that most people hardly believe anyone who says that he or she loves them. Most people profess love but love is far from them, love is no where close to their hearts(smiling). They say a thing different from their thoughts.

Love is a very powerful and intense feeling of affection and care towards another person, it is genuine and sincere.
While lust on the other hand appears intense but it’s for a moment. Lust is simply a desire and intense craving for sexual gratification.
So many times have these two feelings been misplaced and most times people lust after someone and claims it’s love.

How do we differentiate from Lust and Love.

1) love is simply an intense and deep feeling of affection towards someone, Lust on the other hand is just an intense craving for sexual pleasure from the person involved.

2) Love can come in form of a commitment to another person which has genuine intentions with sincerity, it also considers the other person’s feelings as well, Lust on the other hand is just a short-term feeling with the sole aim of Pleasure and “enjoyment”.

3) While someone who truly is in love, is interested in finding out more about the other party and to build a long lasting relationship with peace and  security with good communication, Lust on the other hand is simply interested in the physical appearance of the other person. Its focus is on the person’s looks and body.

Signs of Love

*The desire to spend quality time together talking and doing things other than sex.
* Communication is very strong and most times you just  get lost on conversation and you lose track of time while just talking.

* The other person always motivates you and tries to help you become a better     person
*Attentive ears and attention to whatever yo have to say, in order to make the other person happy and feel okay.
* You are interested in meeting the friends and family members of the other person .

Signs of Lust

* Interest is just on sex and little or no interest in conversations.
* Focus is on the shape, curves and body of the other person.
* You are friends yet no genuine love
* there is not much interest on the other persons well-being.
* Its life expectancy is very short.

With the clear differentiation of the two feelings above, i think it becomes clear to you what exactly you feel for that other person or vice versa.

Are there other differences you would like to share?

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