5 Common babies Illness and ways to cure them fast.


5 common babies’ illnesses and how to cure them

Everyday we welcome the arrival of new born babies into the world. Both parents are filled with joy on the arrival of the new born.

With the joy and excitement that come with the birth of your baby, it is important to know that they will be at some point they may fall ill and would require you to figure out exactly what may be wrong with her health.

Babies immune systems are way softer compared to that of adults and as such they are more likely to fall ill from time to time while they grow up. It is important for parents to know what kinds of illness their little one is most likely to encounter after birth.

Here is a list of the 5 most common illnesses that new born babies most likely face.

1) Jaundice: This is a very common illness of new born babies and it usually is noticed within few days after birth. Many babies have high  bilirubin  levels due to the fact that their organs are still very tender and as such, their liver is not yet able to handle everything that goes through it.

This is an illness that can cause some damages but usually goes away with time if properly treated. Ensure that your child gets checked and treated by a qualified physician.

2) Common Cold: This is another illness that almost all new born babies encounter. They are more prone to cold during winter periods or monsoon periods. As a parent, ensure to keep your baby warm always during the cold seasons.

3) Respiratory or Breathing problem:  Usually it takes few hours for new born babies to start breathing normally, but once her body gets used to the normal breathing sequence, she should not have any other issues with breathing.

If you notice your baby is having breathing problem, check her nose and ensure that you remove whatever is blocking her nose and limiting her breathing.

4) Vomiting:  Vomiting is a normal occurrence among infants , it is common for babies to spit out during and after breastfeeding, but when your baby starts vomiting more frequent than expected,  then you should be worried.

To prevent frequent vomiting by your baby, you need to find out if your baby is allergic to breast milk. You also need to burp your baby frequently to prevent her from trowing up her entire meal after breastfeeding.

If your child keeps vomiting and losing weight, then you need to get her checked by a physician.

5) Skin problem : New born babies have very sensitive skin and it is most common for them to experience skin problems often. You need to pay attention to any changes on his/ her skin.


Most common skin problem infants usually encounter is Diaper Rash, if your baby develops this problem, you need to ensure to change her diapers more frequently and ensure to use diaper rash cream on him/ her.

These are just few of the various illnesses that new born babies are most likely to encounter, you need to always pay close attention to your babies and ensure you check on her regularly to notice any slight change in her temperature or body and always seek medical attention when you notice anything strange.

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