Detailed tips for effective relationship


Detailed  Tips For Effective Relationship

Relationship is a very important aspect of life and we all need relationships to survive in this world, for every relationship there is a work and walk. There are many kinds of relationships. Every human must and should have a relationship because this is a very vital aspect of the human life, when handled properly, it can lead to happiness.

we are going to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman .

In order to have a happy,lasting and healthy relationship, there are so many things to avoid, if you want to maintain your cool and your sanity. I will go ahead and list some of the things to avoid in order to have a lasting,happy and healthy relationship.

1) Trying to control your partner and proving you are “in charge”:
This is not healthy for a relationship. so many partners try to exercise control over their other partners either by countering everything he or she does, says or by monitoring the person’s activities and movements. This can lead to problems in the relationship. Insecurity can be a major cause of this.

2)  Expecting your partner to be perfect: It is very wrong to think that your partner can be perfect or even expect any atom of perfection from your partner. No body is perfect, we are all “work in progress” we are all trying to get better at who we are and be a better version of ourselves, so expecting perfection from your partner is too much an expectation and it is totally unrealistic.

3) Avoiding confrontations or argument always: In as much as we all want a peaceful and quiet relationship where by there are no fights and drama, it is also very important that we always speak out whenever things are going wrong or when we are offended, we have to voice out and let our partners know that everything isn’t okay. Bottling up problems is not healthy for any relationship because it gets to a stage where it becomes too much and the overflow may become dangerous for the relationship. Transparency is vital.

4) Fighting about everything: While you should not overlook issues and bottle issue up in your relationship, you should also never fight over every issue and problem or challenges. Fighting is never a way to profer solution to any problem, so it is very important to avoid fighting over every little issue. You should learn to strike a balance and know when to confront and not fight.

5. Avoid keeping secrets: This is also another vital thing to avoid in relationships. you have to keep the communication open between you and your partner,always feel free to communicate and talk about anything and everything. This also does not mean you should tell your partner every details of your life by the minutes, but keeping vital information secret from your partner can be very harmful for your relationship.

To maintain a lasting and healthy relationship the best tip to apply is: GOLDEN RULE. “Do unto others what you would like them to do to you”

Yes! Another vital point to note, all relationships are not meant to end in marriage, forcing a relationship that isn’t working can be tiring. Don’t force what you are supposed to cut off to become a lasting torment.
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