Detailed tips on how to stay attractive and happy


Detailed tips on how to stay attractive and happy

Staying attractive is a choice. What do you think? There are some people one sees and there is this aura around them that one can not figure out. Well erm, I’m one of such people.. Lol. Let me greet my readers before I proceed..

Greetings from me to you. Good to have you in here again. We will be looking at basic tips to staying attractive. Staying attractive is a beautiful thing that leaves one confident. I mean very confident. Anyone can stay attractive. Young, old, single, married..

Be you: Keep moving forward. Aim higher. Failure isn’t failure yet till one quits trying. Failure shouldn’t put your life to a pause. Ahead! Ahead!! Ahead!!! Your today is a product of your yesterday’s choices. Tomorrow will be determined by the choices you are making now.

Live a joyful life. Be joyful. Being joyful is golden. Life should not be centered around our worries only. How many of us through worrying have added an inch to our heights? Pursue peace of mind.

Be responsible for your decisions:Be decisive know when to day no and when to say yes. Don’t allow people talk you into what you don’t want. Be bold, yet gentle like a dove. Your happiness matters, remember that always.

There is no time called “the perfect time” Waiting for the perfect time might mean waiting forever, waiting for a perfect time to launch into the deep might be very difficult. You get started by starting. Start from where you are even if you have to do it afraid. Do it and don’t forget to try again when you fail.

Know that you are competing with yourself and yourself alone. Strive to be better than yourself. Refuse to remain the way you were yesterday.

Never compromise your standard. Once it isn’t on the negative. Celebrate yourself, give yourself treats, value you, celebrate others too.

Dress to create the right impression. Good dressing is not as expensive as it sounds. Create a class.

Deal with fear, worry and guilt. They are not healthy..

Keep developing yourself. Don’t be stagnant. Keeping fit must not be relegated to the background, of course nutrition is compulsory.

See this!

These and lots more keeps you attractive, keeps you aglowing, attracts people to you.

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