Love vs crush. What do you think about them?


Love vs crush. What do you think about them?

Crush happens daily, crushes happen daily as the case maybe. People fall in love. lol. There are things that make us crush on people. I crush on people that have something to offer to their generation. The way I value people who are affecting lives in their different ways is alarming. I wish I can add a new label on my blog where I can share the names of all the people I’ve ever crushed on.Yes!

I see people put their loved ones pictures on Facebook with captions like” My woman crush, My man crush…It’s really a beautiful sight to me. Now, the crush I would like to talk about is not crush on those we are related to by blood, or mentorship. I’m talking about a crush on an opposite sex that is not related to you by blood or by or any of those.  We’ve seen things like this in some stories

I have been following her on instagram for sometime now. I appreciate her personality. I like her but I don’t know how to reach her.This is how the crushing starts o.

You know most people don’t take this social media too seriously to the extent of taking their friendship with people from online(cyberspace) to (real life) offline.I’m one of such that had that kind of head but I think differently now.

I asked a question on my timeline on Facebook.

Prisca Odii said” Crush is a step to love, u can’t love someone without crushing on that person first, not all crush end in love but all love started with a crush.

All relationships that ended in love went through crush, u must av passion for someone before u fall in love, and bear in mind that sometimes we desire or crush on someone without knowing about it, maybe bcos we are not supposed to have feelings for that person, so we try and sweep the feelings under the carpet, which works or doesn’t work sometimes. You become friends with someone when you have passion about something in that person and that’s where crush comes in, there is no love without crush, but not all crushes end in love, love is a very deep feeling, we are not talking about likeness here.

Mr Chukwuma Ikonne has this to say?, what exactly is crush? According to my dictionary, a crush in the context we’re talking about is;

A brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable.
“she did have a crush on Dr Russell”
synonyms: infatuation, obsession, love, passion, passing fancy;

That is certainly not a prerequisite to all love affairs. I have seen people who have known each other for years and never batted an eyelid at each other,…but then something happens and from their mutual respect grows to friendship and friendship grows to romance and they they eventually fall in love. I know because it has happened to me.
That most certainly did not start with a crush.
Yes a lot of love relationship start with crushes, but certainly not all.

Have you ever had a crush? Did you get to become friends? What’s your opinion about crush.
Your comments will spice up the moment.

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  • Recently I did have a crush on this guy not just because he is good looking but at a very young age he has achieved a lot. That's what drew me close to him and we did become friends and we still are. I think crushing on someone is just a natural phenomenon that will always occur, what matters is how we handle it.

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